Kaliningrad Amber Factory

The section «Kaliningrad Amber Factory» acquaints with the richest deposit of amber in the world on the territory of the Kaliningrad region, with the laying conditions of amber deposits in the area of Yantarny town. The section gives the information about the establishment and development of Amber Factory, its articles. The content of the section is revealed through the following displays: the diorama « Open Pit of Amber Factory», monolith of «glaucous ground», samples of amber assortment, products of chemical processing, colour photographs of Amber Factory work-shops and its areas. Contemporary treatment of amber is represented by articles, manufactured at Kaliningrad Amber Factory in 50-80s and by artists.

The attention of visitors is attracted by unique articles, manufactured at the Factory in 50s – the vase «Profusion», 105 cm high, and the model of atomic-powered vessel «Lenin» – the artist’s variant of which was gifted by Soviet government to American people in 1960.